About VZI

Brief information about VZI (Dutch Society of Clinical Engineers)

The beginning

The VZI was founded in May 1978.
In The Netherlands there are approximately 110 hospitals. Every hospital started with one or two members. Besides members from hospitals also guest-members joined the VZI. These guest-members work as clinical engineers in the medical industries.

The mission

The VZI’s aim is to improve the contacts between its members and also to achieve a better knowledge and experience. VZI serves the field of community health as far as it involves aspects of medical technology. The VZI realises this aim by:

organising regular seminars
organising symposia
promoting the organisation of courses or lectures
contributing to the online-magazine “MT Integraal”
supporting members in their functional position in the hospitals
certification of general clinical engineers
participating in several (national) committees

The organisation

board members (with special accounts)
6 regional working groups
3 sections for specific skill specialities: mechanics, management, imaging technology
1039 members (01-01-2016)

The Clinical Engineer

Clinical engineers are employed in Hospitals in the
Department for Clinical Engineering (in larger hospitals) or in the
Department for Technical Facilities

Main tasks:
Maintenance and registration
Installation and user-instruction
Application support
Safety testing and Functional quality check
Medical Technology professional


The standard of knowledge demanded by the profession requires at least a secondary level of technical training (in The Netherlands: Regionale Opleidings Centra, ROC). In more situations a Technical College level is required ( Hoge School, Bachelor Degree). An extensive knowledge of medical technology is also required (acquired in practice).


Vereniging van Ziekenhuis Instrumentatietechnici VZI
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